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homeworkWhat is the purpose of homework? What do you wish your teachers knew about homework? What homework is helpful and what homework is “busy work?”

Please Answer all of the questions above but begin with an interesting and engaging topic sentence.

PLEASE DO NOT JUST RANT. Be specific about what types of homework is helpful to you and the kind of homework that is just a waste of time and why.


Proofread and add enhanced word choice and sentence variety please.

History of Redding


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1. Click on the website below and check out some of the links on the page about the history of Redding, real people portrayed in the book, photos, maps and videos, etc.

2. Then write about TWO things you learned and/or thought was interesting about the time period and why you thought so.

3. DO NOT begin your sentences with “I learned” or “I thought.”

4. DO begin with a description or something interesting that we can picture. Make the topic sentence interesting.

5. DO take time to really proofread and make this a worthwhile effort. Creativity, word choice, thoughtfulness and editing are all apart of this.

History of Redding Website Link

Make up Your Own Holiday

On this Seinfeld episode, George highlights how his father created a new holiday — Festivus. It’s pretty hilarious, so take a look. For this week’s blog, create a new holiday. What would you celebrate? How would you get people involved and what special objects or items would represent your holiday and why?

PLEASE WRITE AN ENGAGING TOPIC SENTENCE! Follow the writing rubric to earn full points. Also, look at the blog grades from last week to learn what writing concern you should focus on this time. Always proofread for spelling errors and revise clunky sentences. 🙂 You can do this!

What Do You Want Us to Know?

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The following article is all about you — middle schoolers. It is the Top 15 Things Your Middle School Kid Wishes You Knew.

Please read the article entirely and then write about one thing you strongly agree with and one thing you disagree with on the list and why. Use details and examples to explain why you agree with a point and why you disagree with another one. Do not copy any one else’s answer, or you will not be able to receive full points. Your answers should be different even if you pick the same thing.

Always keep in mind these rules for writing the blog to earn full points:

1. Write a creative topic sentence. Look at my video on hooks if you aren’t sure how to start.

2. Follow the prompt and answer all the questions.

3. Go back and revise to add word choice and to rewrite sentences that aren’t so great.

4. Edit for punctuation mistakes. Fragments, comma splices, and run-ons are not acceptable.

5. Grab a thesaurus and punch up the word choice. Make sure you aren’t repeating words or thoughts. Add descriptions and details instead!