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Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chs. 11-13

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Adventures of Tom Sawyer Chapter 1

Answer the following questions in response to reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer chapters eleven through thirteen. Give examples, add your opinion, and make sure grammar and spelling are correct for full points. Do not repeat a classmate’s response.

1. How does Tom ease his conscience in regards to Muff Porter?

2. Why does Mark Twain call the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” at the end of chapter thirteen?


  •   Emily Keller
    September 29th, 2009 at 6:04 pm    Reply

    Tom eases his conscience by simply trying to not think about it.
    By “Curiously inconsistent pirates,” Mark Twain means that the boys might say something, and then two minutes later say something completely contradictory to what they said before, or that they aren’t keeping with how they were supposed to act as pirates.

  • In regards to Muff Potter, Tom wants to ease his conscience about not telling everyone that Injun Joe actually killed the doctor, not Muff Potter. Muff Potter was framed. To ease his conscience, Tom pays visits to the jail and often puts things into Muff Potters cell. He will put anything in there that he can find just to make jail a little better because Tom feels like it was his fault that Potter is in jail.
    At the end of chapter 13, when Mark Twain called the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” he means that the boys may want to be pirates now, but in a couple days when they are out of food and start to feel miserable they will most likely return home. They also are trying to do things like real pirates but when theu discover they are incapable or it is to hard, they make it easier or just don’t do that thing like real pirates.

  • Tom was very troubled with the killing. He would often talk in his sleep about the murder, so he lied about a toothache for a week, in order to tie his jaws tight. He also tried to keep his mind off the death of Dr. Robinson by doing things like playing pirate. Tom didn’t like how Muff Porter was falsely accused of murder, but he just wanted to get his mind off the topic so he wouldn’t feel guilty. He knew what Injun Joe did was wrong. Tom knew though if he spoke, he might get into serious trouble.
    Mark Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” because there are only kids. Kids are often curious and are never consistent at one task. After they get bored they will just stop. In real life they would make horrible pirates, this is only their mere imagination.

  • After Tom witnesses the killing of Dr. Robinson, he begins to feel bad that Muff Potter was accused of killing him even though Tom knew who the true murderer was. To ease his conscience, Tom tries to sneak small presents through the jail cell window to the falsely accused murderer. Tom was even thinking about the murder when he went to sleep, and would mutter about it in his sleep. He worried that Sid would hear him, and made Aunt Polly put a bandage on his face (for a “toothache”) to keep his mouth shut when he was sleeping.
    Mark Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” because at the end of the chapter Tom, Huck, and Joe are thinking about how they had runaway from home and stolen meat and other goods and then they think when you’re a pirate you have no worries and more freedom. Their consciences are acting up, and I can tell that they each have some doubts about running away and becoming a pirate.

  • Tom feels really bad about Muff Potter. For a long time he is really depressed and no one knows what is wrong. Tom goes to the jail where Muff is and slips him food and what-not to ease his conscience. He also notes that there aren’t a lot of guards and his situation isn’t that bad. Eventually he stops thinking about it as much because other matters come to his attention. Becky has stopped coming to school, so now he worries about that instead.
    At the end of chapter 13 when Twain calls Tom and Joe inconsistent pirates he means that the way that they are feeling is not consistent with the way pirates are supposed to feel. They are planning to not steal anymore, which is also very anti-pirate-like. A real pirate wouldn’t feel bad about stealing, and they definitely wouldn’t pray before bed like Tom and Joe did.

  • Tom eases his conscience by trying not to think about muff potter being accused of the murder, and really he had nothing to do with it. Injun Joe was the one who really killed the doctor. Mark twain called the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” because they would talk about one thing and then say something that was completely irrelevant to what they were originally talking about. An example would be when Becky was mad with him and he was really sad and he wanted to kill himself, then he starts talking about being a soldier, being a pirate and leaving her and coming back really different so she would be jealous.

  • To ease his conscience about Muff Potter, Tom tries to not think about him. At first this is hard, because he keeps having nightmares about him, and the murder. Not only that, but the kids at school talk about dead cats, which reminds Tom again of the night at the graveyard. Another thing Tom does to help is he occasionally visits the jail that Muff is in, and places small comforts that a “murderer” can not get a hold of, and the book says it greatly eased his conscience. I do agree with what Tom is doing to help himself, but if I were him, I would go and tell the police about what I saw, and hope that they accept it as the proper evidence.
    Mark Twain called the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” because for one, they are pirates at this point in the book (or at least they think they are). The reason he called them inconsistent is because at the time of the stealing of their food, they must have felt happy about it, but now that it is afterwards, they are regretting, and promising never to steal again. Why Mark Twain called them curious? Well, I think that it is because like all children (and kittens) they want to find out more about what is around them, and what doing different things (like being a pirate) are like. Because of these reasons, I agree that Mark Twain should call them curiously inconsistent pirates, because at this point, that’s exactly who they are.

  • Tom eases his conscience about Muff Porter by not thinking about what happened and looking the other way. He also sneaks food into Muff’s jail cell. I would tell the police if I were him. I would not care one bit about some stupid blood swear. When Twain called Tom and Huck “curiously inconsistent pirates” they are acting as pirates and living on a little island. They would say somthing and twenty minutes later say somthing that is totally oppisite of what they first said. They also dress and act different than pirates when they are trying as hard as they can to be pirates.

  • In the story, Tom is very scared about the murder and needs to do something to calm his conscience. He is scared because he witnessed Injun Joe murder the doctor, and frames Muff Potter for it because he was knocked out and forgot what had happened. Mark Twain shows in the story Tom is scared, because he is talking in his sleep about the murder. To ease his conscience he decides to say that his tooth is annoying him, so then he has to bandage his mouth; he does this, to insure that he does not talk in his sleep about the murder. Also Tom decides to go down to Muff Potters jail cell and smuggle food in for Muff.
    When Mark Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” it means many different things. When he says that the boys are curious, they are because they don’t like their lives at home and have a huge imagination, and decide to use it. Then he calls them inconsistent, because Tom, and probably the other boys, are always something different, sometimes they love their life, and other times they hate it, and he thinks that this pirate thing wont last very long due to this trend in the boys. Also he calls the boys pirates, probably not because of what they were acting as, but for before that, Tom never did anything his aunt wanted, and in some jobs, as in the painting of the fences, he obtains items. Although Tom doesn’t know it, he is quite a pirate.

  • Tom’s conscience is very disturbed in regards to Muff Potter. To greatly ease this, he would try to give Muff Potter gifts. Every day of two, Tom would sneak to the little jail window as often as he could. He would give him food. This was actually pretty easy to do, because no guards were afforded to keep watch. Mark Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” because they often change their minds about one action and then think something else. For example, the boys decide to steal meat and at the time they thought it would be a great idea. Then, later that night Tom and Huck felt sorry about stealing and decided they would never steal again. They are also called curious, because they are still thinking about their decisions they have made and what their future will be. I agree with Mark Twain and how he describes the boys.

  •   Victoria Koutsoubos
    September 30th, 2009 at 8:51 pm    Reply

    Tom is overwhelmed and absorbed in the murder of Dr. Robinson. He could not relieve his mind of the injustice of the framing of Muff Potter. And so, Tom made a conscience decision to get the thought of the murder out of his mind, by returning to his former life where he would be consumed with his own rebellion rather then the murder.
    Mark Twain calls the boys, “ curiously inconsistent pirates,” because the boys were consistent with their inconsistent behavior; that is, they stole, and then felt guilty about what they had stolen. Mark Twain realized the boys couldn’t rebel for too long before being haunted by the voice of their conscience.

  • In order to ease his conscience a bit in regards to Muff Porter being blamed for the murder of the doctor, Tom sneaks over to the jail and gives him (Muff Porter) little “gifts” especially food. It isn’t hard to do though because the town has a small jail that is barely ever used, so people don’t have guards guard the prisoners, if there are any.
    Mark Twain calls the boys curiously inconsistent pirates because they will often make one decision that they think is wonderful and then a few minutes or hours later, regret doing it or vow never to do it again, as was the case with the meat that they stole. They will also change character just about every five minutes, they will go from “pirate behavior”, to acting like themselves again. They would also say things and then a second or two say something that totally contradicts what they said before, that was pretty funny. Another funny thing is that they will just make up words that have absolutely no meaning, but sounds pirate-ish, although that doesn’t have a lot to do with “inconsistent pirates.”

  • Tom eases his conscience by going to the local jail and giving Muff Potter whatever he could get a hold of. I think that this is a nice gesture by Tom but probably not enough seeing how Tom might be able to get him out of jail. Mark Twain says that the boys are “curiously inconsistent pirates” because they are not really pirates yet, and this is their first time actually pretending to be pirates. I think that this a very good piece of writing by Mark Twain because it is different for what most people would say.

  • Tom feels ready bad about letting Muff Porter take the blame for killing Dr. Robinson, when he knows that Injun Joe was really the murderer. He eases his conscience by slipping Muff “such small comforts through to the ‘murderer’ as he could get hold of.” (75). I think It’s nice that he would do something for Muff, but I also think it was really cowardly of him to not come out and say who did it.

    Mark Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” because one moment they are play-acting about pirates and the next they’re only talking about them. Also, Tom and Joe tell Huck that they will “take ships and burn them, and get the money and bury it” (86), but they also tell themselves that “their piracies should not again be sullied with the crime of stealing.” (87). I think it’s funny how they can’t think the same way for more than five minutes.

  •   rickyc001
    October 1st, 2009 at 5:36 pm    Reply

    Tom knows that Muff Potter is in jail and that if he wanted to, he could get him out and put the right man, Injun Joe, in his place for the murder. To ease his conscience, Tom brings small gifts to Muff Potter and pokes them through the jailhouse window. Mark Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” because they talk about how pirates can’t be forced to do anything they don’t want to do, yet they still pray and feel bad for stealing and breaking one of the ten commandments. That makes them not very good pirates.

  •   gavinp001
    October 1st, 2009 at 6:12 pm    Reply

    Tom felt horrible about the killing of Dr. Robisinson and how Muff Potter was accused for the murder. He could not get the thought out of his head and he hated how he knew who the real murder was, Injun Joe. To ease his conscience he smuggled small items to Muff Potter through the little grated jail window. This calmed him down because he at least knew that he was doing some good deed to help Potter.

    Mark Twain called Tom, Huck, and Joe “curiously inconsistent pirates” because pirates are always bad and they don’t have to listen to anyone; however, the boys after a couple of hours felt bad and began to pray as their conscience became a little intruder in their mind.

  •   Madie G.
    October 1st, 2009 at 6:22 pm    Reply

    To ease his conscience Tom gives Muff Potter gifts. The murder has made Tom talk in his sleep and become a little bit paranoid. I think that Tom should of told who the real the killer was instead of letting Potter take the blame. At the end of thirteen I think Twain calls Tom and Huck “curiously inconsistent pirates” because they keep changing their mind, and they are much too curious for their own good. If they weren’t as curious they probably wouldn’t have stumbled across a murder too.

  • Tom was frightened by the murder that happened at the graveyard. Tom had a hard time seeing Muff Potter take the blame for Injun Joe’s murder. To ease his conscience, Tom goes to the jail cell and brings tiny gifts for Muff Potter. He gave him food and it was easy to do this because there were not many guards that were at the jail cell. At the end of chapter thirteen, Mark Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates.” He calls them this because they steal meat and at first they are fine with it, but then they change their minds and feel bad so they pray. He called them curious because they are still hesitant about their future ahead of them. Overall, I think Mark Twain described the boys quite well.

  •   caitlina001
    October 1st, 2009 at 6:29 pm    Reply

    The murder of Dr. Robinson really troubled Tom especially that Muff Potter didn’t do the murder and he was getting blamed for the whole thing. Tom made sure he wouldn’t tell anyone so Injun Joe wouldn’t go after him. To ease his conscience, he would try to keep himself busy and get his mind off the whole situation. Also he would visit Muff Potter at the jail and leave him some things such as food or any other kind of gift.
    I think Mark Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” because they are kids just being kids. They are curious about pirate life and they don’t know really what they’re in for if they ever became a real pirate. I think sooner or later they will be sick of their pirate lives and want to go back home, so they aren’t true pirates.

  •   Skyler E.
    October 1st, 2009 at 6:34 pm    Reply

    Tom goes to the jail where Muff Potter resides and gives him offerings through the grated window. The jail is “a trifling little brick den that stood in a marsh at the edge of the village” (75). It was rarely occupied and the city didn’t bother to hire guards for it. This makes it easier for Tom to sneak over there, and it helps ease his conscience.

    The boys are described as “curiously inconsistent pirates” because they have ran away and are surviving by themselves on an island, but they say their prayers before bed and feel guilty for running away and stealing meat. Pirates have no worries and never feel guilty; they always steal without remorse and never second-guess their decissions. The boys are worried that people are missing them, are guilty that they stole meat, and are second-guessing the decission of running away. This deems them “curiously inconsistent pirates”.

  •   James Wenz
    October 1st, 2009 at 6:53 pm    Reply

    As we read in the story, Tom is aware who committed Dr. Robinson’s murder. Because Tom swore to Huck that he wouldn’t tell, Tom could not tell the people of his town what had really happened. Tom would sneak small comforts to Muff Potter in an attempt to ease the guilt that Tom had for not telling. Of course this can’t possibly alleviate Tom’s conscience completely, it did help him in a small way. Mark Twain called the boys in the story “curiously inconsistent pirates” because after they ran away and sailed on their raft and made camp, while Tom and Joe were trying to fall asleep, they felt gnawing remorse about stealing the bacon and ham from their families and vowed to never steal as pirates again.

  •   rohitr001
    October 1st, 2009 at 6:55 pm    Reply

    Ever since the blood-oath Tom and Huck took back at the graveyard Tom has been questioning his conscience and regretting that he took the blood-oath. Tom has been mumbling in his sleep ever since he witnessed the murder and soon lied that he had a tooth ache and asked for sling around his mouth so he wouldn’t talk. Tom always thought the reason that Muff Potter was in jail was because of him not telling the sherif that Injun Joe really did it. Tom made his conscience feel better by filling Muff Potters cell with treasures of his and anything he basicly found.

    When Mark Twain called the boys “couriously inconsistent pirates” I think Mark is trying to imply how the boys are always changing their minds about desicions like what to do or where to camp out for the rest of their lives. Even though they are now “mean pirates” they still say their prayers of forgiveness for the stollen meat and for running away. When Mark Twain puts the word “Curiously” in there I always thought he was trying to ask us boys who read the book why we always change our mind and why we are never concentrating on one thing.

  •   electag001
    October 1st, 2009 at 6:57 pm    Reply

    To ease his conscience Tom puts presents in through the window of Muff Potter’s jail cell window because he feels bad that he was accused of the murder even though he didn’t do it. He also thinks about the whole situation in his sleep and also talks about it in his sleep. He doesn’t want Aunt Polly to know what was bothering him so he fakes a toothache so she will put bandages around his head every night, which stops him from sleep talking.
    Mark Twain called Tom, Joe, and Huck “curiously inconsistent pirates” at the end of chapter thirteen because they realize that they aren’t really acting like pirates or dressing like pirates. Their conscience gets to them and Tom realizes that it was wrong for them to steal all the food and I can see that they are all having doubts about running away.

  •   Traci P.
    October 1st, 2009 at 7:09 pm    Reply

    After Tom witnessed the murder and promised to Huck he wouldn’t say anything, he has been getting feelings of guilt and his conscience kicks in. To keep his mind off of it he would worry about different things like why Becky isn’t at school. He also wanted to make sure he didn’t say anything during the night or day. He pretended he had a toothache so he got a bandage to put around his head at night so he wouldn’t say anything. I think he also said he had a toothache so that he didn’t have to go to school and be pressured into revealing any information. To make him feel less guilty he gave Muff Potter presents and food because he knew he wasn’t the real murderer. Even though it didn’t make him completely feel better he at least showed respect for Muff when nobody else did.

    I think when Mark Twain said,”curiously inconsistent pirates” he was talking about how all kids want to know what it is like to be a pirate or a sailor. He was saying that they were curious what it would be like to be a sailor but inconsistent because after they see what it is like they will get tired of it and change. An example of this is like a sport, at the beginning it is fun and exciting to be back but then it just gets repetitive and people like change.

  •   brandonl001
    October 1st, 2009 at 7:11 pm    Reply

    Tom eases his conscience by simply trying to not think about it and not telling everyone that Injun Joe actually killed the doctor, not Muff Potter. Tom pays many visits to the jail and puts things into Muff Potters cell; anything that he could find to make jail a little better. Tom feels like it was his fault that Potter is in jail. He was able to give him things because the jail was on the other side of the village and not guarded so it was easy for him to sneak over there.

    At the end of chapter 13, Mark Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates”. What he means is that the boys want to be pirates now and they think it is great, but in a couple days when every thing is not going as planned they will want to go back home. It’s possible, that things won’t go as planned. Kids change what they want and what they do very often. They always go towards something bigger and better. It’s their choice to change their mind as often as possible.

  •   Sydney B
    October 1st, 2009 at 7:13 pm    Reply

    Tom feels better about not being a witness to the crime that blamed Muff Potter because everyday he slips some comforts in through the jail cell to him. It eases Tom’s conscience because it is, in a way, making up for not helping Muff Potter before. Tom is amazed when Injun Joe tells a downright lie about witnessing Muff Potter kill the doctor. He feels as if it is almost a crime for him to not tell the truth which is why he visits Muff Potter.

    At the end of chapter thirteen, Mark Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates.” I think this is due to the fact that the three boys, Tom, Huck and Joe, want to be pirates without fully recognizing what a pirate does. They see the fun parts of a pirate like being away from parents and school, but later in the night Tom feels bad about stealing the ham and bacon. He thinks to himself that when they become pirates, they will not steal since it is against one of the ten commandments. Also, they are very inconsistent in other feelings like when they discuss the benefits of running away and then inwardly feel guilty.

  •   victoriaba001
    October 1st, 2009 at 7:16 pm    Reply

    Tom has a terrrible feeling on him. He knows the truth of how Muff Potter did not kill the doctor, it was Injun Joe. Tom feels terrible not telling the truth but he made a swear with Huck to never tell. To ease his conscience he goes to the jail where Muff Potter is and slips small presents or things into his cell. Things such as food which help him out. Some times the presents were anything he could find.

    Mark Twain called the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates,”because they start to stop and notice that they are not real pirates.This leads them to start to think of the bad things the have done by stealing the sweetmeats. Their conscience gets to them and they start to regret stealing and running away. Mark Twain gives them that name because they are acting like pirates one minute then their conscience catches up and they relize they are criminals not pirates.

  •   amandai001
    October 1st, 2009 at 7:22 pm    Reply

    When Tom has a guilty conscience from not telling about the murder, he decides to put little items in Muff’s cell in jail. Tom felt that these little things were helping Muff Potter and that maybe if he would give him items everyday then it wouldn’t be his fault that Muff was framed.
    I think that when Mark Twain called the three boys, Huck, Tom, and Joe, curiously inconsistent pirates he meant exactly what he said. The boys are very curious if not too curious and when they get carried away they steal or go after what they’re curious about. When Twain said inconsistent I think he was referring to just before when the boys were thinking about abandoning their trip. If they were consistent they would carry on with the same thing for a while. But as he said earlier in the book, kids can’t love one thing for a long amount of time. And lastly, the word pirates is used because they were pretending to be pirates. No that Twain is actually talking to the boys, but usually children like to be referred to as what they are pretending to be.

  • After seeing the murder of Dr. Robinson in the graveyard Tom was terrified. Muff Potter was sent to jail because everyone thought that he stabbed Dr. Robinson when it was actually Injun Joe’s murder. Even thought Tom and Huckleberry saw this happened they promised they would not tell anyone about it. When Muff Potter was in jail every day Tom would go to his jail cell window. When he was there Tom would bring anything he could get a hold of and give it to Muff Potter. By doing this it helped to ease Tom’s conscience. At the end of chapter thirteen Mark Twain called the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates.” Mark Twain called them that because the boys would keep changing their minds about stuff. When the boys were stealing and then after they felt bad about it.

  •   lexys001
    October 1st, 2009 at 7:48 pm    Reply

    Tom has a lot on his mind and is really starting to become stressed with the whole incident with Muff Potter. He feels really bad not telling anybody about it but he also is very well aware that he can’t tell anyone a single thing. To help ease Tom from his pain and stress he visits Muff in jail. While he is there Tom will bring him food and other sorts of gifts. This helps him to get his mind of off things and just try to help Muff Potter, while in a time where he really needs someone there for him.
    Mark Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates.” I think he is calling them this because first of all they are not even real pirates. Both of them are just curious boys who would never really want to be a pirate but just would want to see what it would be like. They would probably get sick of being pirates after a while.

  • After witnessing the mistaken accusations towards Muff Potter Tom felt as though he had an incredibly guilty conscience. He felt like he could have said something to stop the wrong person from being arrested but he had made an oath, and he would have to keep it. Injun Joe should be the person going to jail because he was the one who murdered Dr. Robinson, but he framed Muff Potter. To calm his conscience, Tom would try not to think about it and distract himself. He would sometimes distract himself from the topic by thinking about Becky. Also to make himself feel better he would bring small gifts to Muff Potter and pass them through the little jail window. There weren’t any guards outside this jail so it was easy for Tom to sneak little offerings. These offerings greatly eased Tom’s conscience.

    Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” because they didn’t know exactly what real pirates were like. The boys called themselves pirates but everything they stole, such as the food, they would feel very bad about and second guess their decisions. They liked pretending to be pirates and acting tough, but they would get tired of their little games after a while.

  •   brandys001
    October 1st, 2009 at 8:41 pm    Reply

    Tom knows that Muff Potter didn’t commit the murder even though he was framed. He knew it had been Injun Joe who actually did it. Because of this, he has a strong conscience and to ease it he will slip offerings into Potter’s jail cell to comfort him a little more.
    Mark Twain probably call the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” because first of all they are not real pirates. They want to become pirates but for now they are just using their imagination. Sometimes when you think of pirates, you think of them being mean and nasty. They are inconsistent because when the boys pretend to be pirates they may act like that for a little while but then later they can be the opposite.

  •   Chantelle B.
    October 1st, 2009 at 8:45 pm    Reply

    In the story, Tom Sawyer eases his conscience with the whole incident of Muff Potter by simply not thinking about it. He just trys to push it out of his mind. Him and Huckleberry made a promise not to tell anyone about what they saw because they thought that Injun Joe might come after them, and that made them terrified.
    I think Mark Twain call the boys “curious inconsistent pirates” because they weren’t real pirates but they tried so hard to be. The three of them were curious in a pirate-like way, at least they tried to be.

  • Tom’s conscience was never really at ease through this whole situation. Even though Tom couldn’t get over the fact that he saw someone killed and a wrong person convicted, he tried to ease his conscience in order to lessen his guilty feelings. When everyone talked about the murder at school, Tom tried to avoid the conversation in order to avoid the memories as well as the nightmares. It was unusual for Tom to not be the center of conversation, which was noticeable by his stepbrother. To easy his conscience Tom visited the jail every day or so to see how Muff Potter was doing. Tom would often smuggle items through the window that would help ease Muff’s jail experience. This smuggling also helped ease Tom’s conscience while allowing him to keep the oath of secrecy between Huck and himself. Tom’s conscience also got side-tracked by Becky Thatcher’s unknown absence from school. Tom was able to divert his focus to Becky’s problem which helped relieve him from the constant guilt he felt. In my opinion, Tom is avoiding the truth to his detriment. If he would just inform the police of the true killer, he could return to his happy-go-lucky self, but his guilty conscience has not conquered the oath of silence he entered into.
    The quote “curiously inconsistent pirates” is a very unique quote that requires a lot of rereading before you get a good idea of what it means. The quote describes the boys attempt to be young pirates and the difficulty they experience trying to live up to the priates way of life. Even though pirates supposedly lack any feelings of guilt or remorse about stealing, Tom and Joe kept thinking about how it was alright to steal “sweetmeats” but stealing bacon and ham is really acting like a criminal. Pirate legend has it that pirates don’t miss home because they don’t have one, but these two lads miss home and their warm bed. Even though the boys had some inconsistent pirate characteristics, there were many pirate behaviors that they enjoyed including no bathing and sleeping in. Even with these few pirate benefits the boys could not give up some old home rules like praying to avoid being struck by a thunderbolt from Heaven. Truly, neither boy could live up to the characteristics of a pirate although their curiousity sure left them trying.

  • After Tom witnesses the murder his conscience goes crazy, he is not sure what to do any more. He feels bad that Muff Potter is in jail, but he is terrified by Injun Joe and that if he does tell the truth Injun Joe would do something horrible to him. To ease his conscience he tries two different things such as faking a tooth problem. When Tom fakes his tooth problem he has to get his tooth raped up and so he can’t talk in his sleep or really any other time. The second thing he does to try and ease his conscience is going down to the jail and sneaking Muff Potter small things like food. Mark Twain calls the two boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” because that is exactly what they are. They want to be pirates but they are too good to be pirates. They try to steal and they feel terrible. Their minds are constantly changing making them inconsistent.

  • Tom could not get over the fact that he witnessed a murder. He also doesn’t like that the wrong person is believed to be guilty. Tom tries not to talk about it, but in his dreams he thinks about it. This leaves him uneasy about the situation.

    Twain calls the boys curious in consistent pirates at the end of the book because they could not agree on what was stealing and what was taking. They decided at the end that okay to steal sweetmeats but it was not okay to steal bacon and ham.

  • Tom was very disturbed by the fact that he had witnessed a murder, so much that he talked in his sleep and had nightmares. However, he feels bad that Muff Potter is in jail because he thinks it’s his fault. He visits Muff in jail and brings things for his cell to lighten up Potter’s atmosphere for him. But after this happens, he seems to forget about it.

    I think Mark Twain called them “curiously inconsistent pirates” because obviously the three boys, Tom, Huck, and Joe, are pretending to be pirates.

  •   rossp001
    October 1st, 2009 at 9:19 pm    Reply

    Tom did not escape guilt; allowing Muff Potter to be wrongly accused and thrown in jail gnawed at his conscience over a period of time. In his sleep, mumbled words spilled out of his mouth, all of which were centered around the murder of Dr. Robinson. At night, Tom kept Sid up with his piteous wails.
    Sid even claimed Tom cried out “It’s blood, it’s blood, that’s what it is! ‘Don’t torment me so- I’ll tell!” (Page 74)
    Tom later complained about a painful “toothache”, and kept a bandage over his mouth during the night. He believed it would stop anyone from deciphering his painful muttering.
    At school, classmates were asking Tom about the enterprise of dead cats.He refused to become involved because it reminded him of the dead cat Huck had brought to the graveyard on the night of the murder. By ignoring these requests, Tom eventually eliminated the requests, and therefore every fresh twang of guilt that came along with them.
    In his free time, to take part of his conscience’s burden off, Tom snuck to the desolate jail, leaving behind whatever tokens of sorrow he could for Muff (presents).
    When all the guilt and remorse added up, Tom became a melancholy boy. The unbearable secret was too much for him. His life slumped into never-ending mourning.
    The charm of life was gone; there was nothing but dreariness left: (page 76).

    The “pirate” boys acted tough, though in the end they still had youthful hearts. They were jubilant about the idea of becoming pirates: wearing fine clothes, terrorizing other ships, being in charge of themselves, etc. “Tom Sawyer, The Black Avenger of the Spanish Main, Huck Finn the Red-Handed, and Joe Harper the Terror of the Seas” were the nicknames they crafted to suite their inner pirate ambitions. The next move made was for all three pirates to sneak back to St. Petersburg and steal dinner. This proved successful. Deciding to set up camp far away from civilization, the trio of rogues stole a log raft and paddled to a desolate island known as Jackson’s Island. All along the way, Tom shouted out pirate’s orders, though few actually applied to a raft, and fewer still whose meaning was known by Tom.
    Once they arrived at the island, they had a handsome meal of ham, bacon, corn, and tobacco for Huck. Later on, they lay down under the stars expecting sleep. However, Tom and Joe found it difficult to come by. Just as the secret of the doctor’s murder gnawed at Tom’s conscience, so did the fact that he had flat out stolen. This was the first time in either his or Joe’s life that something as significant as a large meal had been. Sleepless minutes ticked away as the two boys pondered their situation. Finally, they settled upon never stealing again. Only then did they drift away for the night. True, unwavering pirates would not have thought twice about stealing. In fact, many would not think twice about murder. Twain was illustrating Tom and Joe’s inconsistent pirate mindset.

  •   zackl007
    October 1st, 2009 at 9:44 pm    Reply

    Tom tries to ease his conscience by bringing Muff Potter small things that might make him more comfortable while he is wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of Dr. Robinson. Tom has the guilty conscience because he knows that Injun Joe was the one who committed the murder and framed Muff Potter but has sworn a oath with Huck Finn to never reveal this secret.

    Mark Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” because they think taking sweetmeats is alright but taking bacon and ham is stealing. They decide that as long as they are pirates they won’t steal again. Twain is saying that the boys change their minds to suit their needs and are not very consistent from week to week.

  •   zackm001
    October 1st, 2009 at 9:44 pm    Reply

    Tom erases his conscience by not speaking of the event that took place at the graveyard.
    Injun Joe really killed Dr. Robinson but, he is afraid to tell that Injun Joe did it because
    he is so smart. Tom feels guilty by this and he feels that it is his job to do something
    to make Muff Potter feel better so he decides to put some stuff in his jail cell to make
    things more comfortable for him.

    I think Mark Twain calls them “inconsistent pirates” because at first they were not sure
    what a pirate’s duty was and how they dressed and towards the end they just sat there
    for about thirty minutes because they were probably bored so they fell asleep.
    It seemed like at first they were really excited to try to be pirates, but in the end they got
    really tired of it. For an example, like a kid who really likes a toy. They are really
    interested about it and they play with it, but after awhile their feelings for it change.

  • Tom eases his conscience by taking small comforts to Muff Potter while he is in the jail cell. His conscience is also eased when he is distracted by the fact that Becky Thatcher was not at school.
    I think that Mark Twain called the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” because they did not act like pirates. They began to feel bad about stealing the meats that they took on their adventure. Tom and Joe even made a pact to never steal anything again.

  • 1.) Tom eases his conscience by going to visit Muff Potter, who is in a jail cell. When Tom visits, he gives Potter “small comforts”, or offerings, which help Tom, ease his conscience. I think that this could help Tom ease his conscience because his is able to feel good about giving small gifts to the man who is innocent and not guilty. He can’t tell the public because he will be subject to question and he could be threatened by Injun Joe in some way. If he can’t tell anyone, at least he can do this.
    2.) Twain refers to them as that because the boys started this pirate thing, and they all think that they know how to be a pirate. But the truth is that they don’t. They may know that pirates are mean and brutal, but they think that pirates dress nice and wear gold. The largest thing that shows that they aren’t great pirates is at the end of the chapter when Tom and Joe say they will not steal because stealing was one of the Ten Commandments. A pirate steals everything they see or want, and you just have to steal if you are a pirate. If you don’t steal, you’re not a pirate! I agree with Twain because they do and say too many things wrong to be a pirate. They may want to be little pirates, but they really do not know anything about being pirates.

  •   gavinp001
    October 1st, 2009 at 10:05 pm    Reply

    Tom eased his conscience by going to the jail and then he would smuggle small comforts through to the “murderer or Muff Potter as he could. The jail was a little den made out of bricks, in a marsh, and no guards afforded. I think Mark Twain calls then “curiously inconsistent pirates” because they are not that much like pirates they agreed to never steal again and they felt bad about stealing bacon and ham. They also did this because it is a command in the bible. because that is a command in the bible. I think Mark Twain calls them this also because they can be like pirates for awhile then all of a sudden they stop being like them.

  • Tom knows who really killed Dr. Robinson but is afraid to tell. Huckleberry Fin and Tom swore to never tell, but that doesn’t stop his conscience from getting to him. All the village people think that Muff Potter killed the Dr. when it was really Injun Joe, so they put Potter in jail. To ease his conscience, Tom goes to the jail to comfort Muff Potter.

    Twain calls the boy’s “curiously inconsistent pirates” because they were really excited about being one. They thought a pirate was a big bad bully, who wore gold and fancy clothes, killed people, and stole things. When they figured out that being a pirate isn’t the right thing to do, and that stealing is one of the Ten Commandments in the Bible they got worried.

  • In attempt to ease his guilt for not telling that Injun Joe committed, Tom would go to the small jail Muff Porter was held in and secretely give him gifts or food. He knew he could easily sneak Muff Porter goods because it was a small jail that the city didn’t hire guards to work at the jail. This did relieve Tom a little bit, but not completely.

    Twain has refered to these boys as “curiously inconsistent pirates” because they have ran away from home to survive on “Jackson’s Island”, an inhabited island near the Mississippi River to live criminal lives. They stole meat and other goods from houses. They are refered to as “inconsistent” because most pirates and criminals will still and feel no guilt or remorse at all. These three kids would steal, feel guilt and remorse for stealing and running away from home, and say their prayers at the end of the day to think everything is a clean slate again. This explains the boys being “curiously inconsistent pirates.”

  • Tom eases his conscience by going up to the jail every day or two, to help Muff Potter to make up for not telling anyone about what really happened that night, so it would make Tom fell better about himself. Also, the offerings helped him not say anything about it easier, since he helps out Muff Potter. At the end of chapter thirteen Mark Twain says: “curiously inconsistent pirates,” because first, Tom, Huckleberry, and Joe Harper are all very curious so that is why he said curious. Then he says inconsistent pirates, because since they stole a lot of things, that is not what pirates usually do so that is why they would be considered inconsistent. He said that they are pirates too, because that is what the boys mostly chatted about during their rafting trip. They discussed about what pirates do, and how they act, so maybe they could be pirates if they really wanted to.

  •   Desha Lovett
    October 2nd, 2009 at 1:57 am    Reply

    After tom witnessd the murder his conscience became very disturbed. Tom Feels bad because Muff Potter is in Jail for a crime he didn’t commit, but Tom still decided to say nothing because ehe was afraid of Injue Joe the real murderer doing something horrible to him. For Tom to ease his conscience he went down to the jail house where Muff Potter was and he smuggled him food and gifts. Tom also tried to lift Potter’s spirits by comforting him.I believe Tom should do the right thing and tell what really happened because it really isn’t fair to Potter that he has to be in jail by himself . Mark Twain refered to the boys as “curiosly inconsistent pirates”. I believe Mark refered to the boys as this because they dont really act like pirates. For example when Tom and huck stole the meat and food the food they felt bad and promised to never steal again. Pirates dont usually feel bad about stealing things. Another reason Twain might have refered to the boys as this because the boys prayed before they went to sleep, pirates dont pray. Another reason the boys were refered to like this was because they also felt bad about running away, pirates like their freedom and dont care what they do to get it. Tom and Huck also acted like pirates at times then they would have there mind on something else very quickly.

  • Tom’s problem was that he knew too much, and by too much I mean he knew Injun Joe had set Muff Potter up after Joe killed the doctor. The other problem was that if Tom was to come clean he would rat out Injun Joe and if nobody believed him Joe would kill him without thinking about it. So to ease his conscience Tom would go down to the jail and slip small items through the window that would help make Muff Potter’s jail cell just a little bit more bearable. Since Tom really knew the truth I think giving Muff Potter these items was a sensible thing to do because he was one of the reasons Muff was in there in the first place.
    There are three reasons for Tom and Huck’s inconsistency. The first is no pirate chews or smokes tobacco especially out of a corn-cob pipe. Second they feel guilty about stealing their food. If all pirates were to feel bad about stealing there would be no such thing as pirates. The third reason is that they prayed before falling asleep. Even though it was silent pirates didn’t believe in god because they were evil to everybody and they believed god hated them too.

  •   Jacoba001
    October 2nd, 2009 at 7:51 am    Reply

    Tom eases his conscience in regards to Muff Potter because he frequently visited him in the jail cell and because, when he could, he snuck Muff some food. Since Tom knew that Muff was in the jail cell in the first place, could’ve contributed to Tom giving Potter some of the small items to hopefully survive the horrible place.

    Mark Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” to close Chapter 13. He writes this because the boys aspired to become pirates, however due to their ages they weren’t able to become real pirates. Also they had no background experience in piratery. Also, they ran away to try and survive on this “Jackson’s Island.” They weren’t consistent because when the stole something like a real pirate, they felt badly about what they did. Twain’s eloquence can better help the reader understand the usage of his words.

  •   Henry Morris
    October 2nd, 2009 at 7:52 am    Reply

    1:Tom eased his conscience in regards to Muff Potter by smuggling food to him while he is in jail and he visits him.

    2: Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates because the boys pretend to be pirates when they really aren’t. Also, when ever the boys steal something like a real pirate they always feel bad afterward, which is why Twain uses the term” curiously inconsistent pirates”.

  • Tom eases his conscience by smuggling small comforts to Muff Potter while he’s in jail. He does it every day or two, and it’s easy to do because there were barely any gaurds at the jail.

    Mark Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” because they never stick with being pirates. One minute they are all obsessed with pirates and telling eachother what pirates are like. The next minute they are all feeling guilty about running away and they don’t want to be pirates anymore.

  •   geoffb001
    October 2nd, 2009 at 9:14 pm    Reply

    Tom and Huck had witnessed a murder in the middle of the night in the graveyard. Muff Potter was framedby Joe. Later on that night Tom goes back to bed and proceeds with his regular routine in the morning with of course breakfast. Everyone at the table is silent, and they know what he has done. He alsocomes up with the fact that he has a toothache. He is afraid, and he has talked to Huck and they both said that they’ll keep mum. While Potter is in the jail cell, Tom slips in some food for him to calm his conscience down because he has a feeling that he is in jail because of him.

  • Tom’s conscience is going on massive overload with Muff Potter and everything else. His conscience is say “I NEED TO TELL WHAT REALLY HAPPENED!” To keep his mind from going completely insane he visits the small jail every once in a while and smuggles small little comforts for Potter. Doing this simple action helps Toms conscience to relax.

    Mark Twain writes, at the end of chapter thirteen, that the boys are “curiously inconsistent pirates.” This means that they are having an adventure now, but things are changing a little bit. They are feeling bad that they are stealing, which is not right according to the Bible. If they don’t steal though then they aren’t real pirates. They wouldn’t stay consistent with their plans.

  • Tom eases his conscience by smuggling food and comforts to him while he is in jail. He does not do it everyday though.

    He calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” becasue they always are changing their mind. One day they might wnat to be pirates and the next they are Robin Hood and the next they might want to be a big monster. They wouldn’t always stay with their plans.

  • Tom is upset because he knows that Injun Joe killed Dr. Robinson and not Muff Potter. He eases his conscience by visiting Muff and secretly giving him food while he is in jail. Twain calls Tom and Huck “curiously inconsistent pirates” because when they pretend to be pirates, they recall from the Bible that stealing is wrong. But, pirates usually steal things, hence the description, “curiously inconsistent pirates.”

    Sorry I was late, I had some catching up to do in other classes.

  •   Hannah H
    October 4th, 2009 at 6:33 pm    Reply

    Tom was really upset about what happened to Muff Porter. I would be too if I was in his situation. Especially at Tom’s age it must scare him alot. Tom eases his conscience in regards to Muff Porter by secretly visiting Muff Porter in jail and bringing him food to help with the situation. He also trys to not think about what happened but he still does and he even has dreams at night about what happened.

    Mark Twain calls the boys “curiously inconsistent pirates” at the end of chapter thirteen because they keep changing their minds. They are so interested in becoming pirates for a little while and then they change their minds and want to go home.

  •   Clayton L
    October 13th, 2009 at 7:40 pm    Reply

    Tom saves Becky in class when Mr. Dobbins is asking each student individually if they had tore the page in his secret book that he keeps under lock and key. Tom had seen Becky tear the page and he was going to let her get in trouble for it because he knows that Becky will admit to ripping the page when he gets her her. When Mr. Dobbins gets to Becky, Tom sees the hopelessness and fear in her eyes and decided to yell out right when Mr. Dobbins is about to ask Becky if she had done it “I done it”. I think he does this because deep down he still liked Becky and wanted Becky to like him back so thats why I think he did it. Tom feels really good the rest of the day with Becky’s words stuck in his head “Tom, how could you be so noble?”- (Page 123)
    The prank the boys play on the teacher, Mr. Dobbins, is a very mean one but you could say that he deserved it. The prank is that during “Exclamation Day”, where all of the students share what they have learned to all the parents and scholars right before vacation. The prank is that when Mr. Dobbins is writing something on the blackboard, the painters son would lower a cat down right above the teachers head and then the cat snatched his wig off. The boys did this because before exclamation day, Mr. Dobbins was very strict and gave very harsh punishments. He beat the boys if they did the slightest thing incorrectly. The prank sent the boys home happy and ready for the holidays.

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